Lake Ontario Flood Recovery Program



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Lake Ontario Residential Recovery Program Public FAQs

Lake Ontario Flood Relief Program Guidelines 

Lake Ontario Relief & Recovery – Homeowner Application

Lake Ontario Relief & Recovery – Homeowner Recovery Program

Weathering the Storm & Rebuilding

Procedural update.

The legislation providing the Flood Relief funding requires that we prioritize situations that pose imminent health and safety risks to the oocupants,  This includes damage to structure, wells and septic systems.  These applicants will be served before stand-alone shorelineapplicants.  

Stand-alone shoreline damage applications will be reviewed and applicants contacted if additional information is needed at such time as we are able to serve them. Once you have applied no further action is needed until you are contacted by our staff.

The best way to communicate is an e-mail to [email protected]   We can respond much quicker to the emails then the time that is spent on one phone call.

Please help us help you more efficiently!



If You Have Not Yet Applied

  • You still have two weeks to apply, the deadline is 5pm on Friday, September 29th for online or in-hand applications. Applications being mailed in should be postmarked through the 29th.
  • It is NOT necessary to have supporting documentation available to apply.
  • To be eligible, you must submit the application with just your basic information by 5pm on September 29th, even if you do not yet have estimates or other supporting documentation.
  • Your supporting documentation and additional information will be accepted after the deadline if your application is submitted by the deadline.
  • Contact Sheen Housing today for questions and help applying.

If You Have Already Applied

We are working hard to process applications as quickly as possible and no further action is needed now.

For details information on this and other recovery programs, please visit:

Please note that the September 29 deadline is only for those applying for NYS Homes and Community Renewal’s Lake Ontario Residential Recovery Program.  Empire State Development’s deadline for applications from small businesses, farms, not-for-profits, homeowner associations, and owners of multiple dwellings is December 31, 2017.