Home Repair

Home Repair

Sheen Housing believes that people can be more productive community members when they have the basic elements of survival, particularly shelter. For over 40 years, Sheen Housing has been an advocate for families, seniors, veterans and persons living with disabilities of all denominations and races who need housing repair assistance in maintaining their residences, elevating their quality of life and eliminating home hazards that threaten their health and safety.


Home Repair grants are subject to family size and household income guidelines as well as availability of funds. For county-specific information, please contact Sheen Housing at (585) 657-4114, or
Email: [email protected]

How Extensive is the need?

Last year, Sheen Housing helped over 500 families, seniors, veterans, and persons living with disabilities with home repairs. Another 110 are still waiting for help. The list seems to grow faster than we can make repairs.

Who Does the Work?

Sheen Housing accepts bids from professional, insured, qualified contractors skilled in specific areas of home repair. Contractors are paid for their work, although many generously donate a portion of their time and materials. Our contractors’ dedication and their generosity is greatly appreciated.

Sheen Housing continues to seek insured, qualified contractors including Minority and Women Owned Business contractors. If you wish to apply to be on our approved contractor list, please fill out our contractor application.

Case History

Sheen Housing touches families in dramatic ways…

  1. a wheelchair-bound woman’s family members were carrying her in and out of the house twice a day to use the outhouse;
  2. a mother and her children suffering from severe asthma were living in one room and the kitchen because a leaky roof made the rest of the house uninhabitable due to black mold;
  3. a senior couple without a well were collecting rainwater from the roof in five-gallon buckets for drinking, washing and watering their crops;
  4. a mom and her three young children stayed home from work and school with what they thought was the flu, when in reality it was deadly carbon monoxide poisoning from their furnace…

until Sheen Housing provided the needed housing resources. Such critical housing services can be literally a matter of life and death.

How to Apply

Sheen Housing’s survey for pre-screening is now online. You can retrieve the survey using the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. This is not an application, it simply informs us of your needs.

Click here for the survey.